After testing our balm on humans, we sent some out to other animal lovers and the feedback has been remarkable:


We have purchased several different healing ointments and this is the ONLY PRODUCT THAT HAS WORKED AND WORKED IN ONE DAY! We are thrilled! I put this on the top of her paw the night it arrived, and by the next morning, her paw was nearly healed and noticeably way less irritated. I have already recommended this to two friends whose fur babies also have paw issues. I am also using this on our dog's nose, which is dry. This is going to be great for the dry winter. So happy to have found this product! Thank you! ”  



This product is amazing! I use it for everything... and for all you hairless dog owners - I have two Chinese Crested dogs and it's been a life saver, especially during the summer. They get so many little scratches playing outside, this Balm heals everything so fast!.”  




“Bulldogge Nation Miracle Balm is the BOMB!  I have two pugs - one with a very dry nose and one with extremely sensitive paws; the balm was fantastic for both!  No cracked nose or pads during this, the coldest winter we’ve had in years.”  



“Your product is amazing!  It even healed my own cracking winter skin condition...  I’m SOLD!”  



"I used Bulldogge Nation Miracle Balm on my Chihuahua Angel. The poor little thing had a sore under her arm from a harness and it was red and blistery. I put the balm on it which she loves, and it started to heal immediately! I was really impressed. She loves it so much she just rolls right over to have me put it on her. I also used it on her paws to moisturize them and it was like she just got a deep conditioning at the spa. Her paws were soft and supple.



"Amazing! My Pitbull had bumps on her head forever, after using Bulldogge Nation Miracle Balm they were gone after 3 days! I'm a believer!"



"One of my Bulldogs had a rash all over his belly, after applying Bulldogge Nations Miracle Balm the rash was significantly diminished the next morning, and no more scratching!"

- Kate


"My horse kept rubbing her belly until it was raw. there was a large sore that ran the length of her belly and I tried many products to no avail. After applying Bulldogge Nation Miracle Balm for a week her sore is gone, all the hair has grown back and she no longer scratches!"